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A chance to save 332 acres of rainforest

The Serra Bonita rainforest serves as home to hundreds of animals, birds, insects, and plants, many found nowhere else in the world.

Wildlife surveys in the region have found 458 species of trees, 330 species of birds, and the world's greatest diversity of moths and butterflies with more 5,000 species at one site (more species than all of North America). The Santa Cruz State University and New York Botanical Gardens  identified over 1,000 vascular plants and indicate at least 15 undescribed plant species including one new species of orchid in the region.

While part of this rainforest is currently protected, an additional 332 acres is currently on the market. The World Land Trust-US is working with Instituto Uiracu to save these acres from deforestation -- and save one of the world's most endangered primates too. donations to World Land Trust-US projects are made possible by the "Click Here To Give" program at The Rainforest  Site and Gifts That Give More [tm].

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