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Angels of the Amazon purchase land to protect local wildlife

The Angels of the Amazon (AOA) conservation program will use a recent donation from to help protect the Bald Uakari.  Known for their scarlet red faces, the Uakari live in the treetops of forests in the Amazon River Basin from Peru to Brazil. Both hunting and habitat loss threaten the long-term survival of this species as well as many others living in the Peruvian forests bordering the Amazon.
Peruvian rainforestIn May 2010, Angels of the Amazon began negotiating the purchase of land where the monkeys live from Sr Pipa, a local resident, and turn it into a protected conservation site. A $5,000 donation from GreaterGood will be used to help offset the cost of purchasing this property.

"Documentation of the purchase took a little time and effort.  We finally received a legally signed receipt on November 11, 2010. We are now in the process of doing the registration at Office of Public Registration for the land," wrote Dolores Beaver from AOA. "Right now, the area purchased is included in the protected site.  We have placed many signs around that say "Protected area for conservation, no hunting, no cutting," etc. We have erected 25 signs around the land.  We have our research assistants walk the land to keep an eye that the hunters hut is not being used by hunters."

AOA operates in the Tahuayo River area. The Tahuayo is a tributary of the Amazon River in Peru.

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