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Ban On Seal Products Upheld By European General Court

The European General Court upheld the European Union’s ban on commercial trade in seal products in April. The court rejected an appeal by the sealing and fur trade industries and some Inuit representatives to overturn the ban.

“We are thrilled that the European General Court has rejected this shameful attempt by the commercial sealing industry to overturn the EU ban on seal product trade,” said Rebecca Aldworth, executive director of Humane Society International/Canada.

A further legal challenge to the ban by the Canadian and Norwegian governments will be considered by the World Trade Organization in Geneva on April 29 and 30 as explained here:

International wildlife organizations like HSI/Canada and International Fund for Animal Welfare have led the fight to uphold the ban.

“Hundreds of thousands of baby seals have survived the seal hunt in recent years because Europeans have said no to the products of this cruel slaughter,” said Aldworth.

Recent surveys by HSI/Canada show that the majority of Canadians support the EU’s right to ban seal products, “and the sealing industry’s constant efforts to force their products onto an unwilling international market is a true embarrassment to Canada,” Aldworth concluded.

Video produced by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) about Canada's WTO challenge to the EU seal import ban.


Want to do more? The sealing industry can no longer operate without the aid of government funding. Sign the petition asking Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to stop subsidizing slaughter.

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