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Bicycle program encourages girls to stay in school

BEEPWorld Bicycle Relief's BEEP, a partnership of WBR and the Zambian Ministry of Education, helps girls stay in school by providing them with bicycles.

Typically, students must walk three hours each way to attend classes. With additional chores expected of girls in the community, such as collecting fuel, hauling water, caring for siblings, and supporting household businesses, the commute to school becomes an impossible task.

A simple solution is a bicycle. With a ride of just forty-five to seventy-five minutes, girls are left with more time and energy for schoolwork and household chores. The bicycle is also an asset to the family, improving access to markets and healthcare as well as increasing the perceived value of the child's education.

GreaterGood.org supports World Bicycle Relief through the Gifts That Give More™ program. To learn more, click here.

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