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Birders Spot Endangered Tapir In Rainforest

Tapir trackThe  Colombian Tapir (Tapirus terrestris columbianus) is known to have lost approximately 97% of its lowland rainforest habitat. For years, naturalists have believed it only survived in northern Colombia.

However, one was spotted in a different rainforest by a tour of birders. The sharp-eyed tourists found fresh tracks in a stream bed at the Paujil Nature Reserve.  A few days later, a "camera trap" caught a picture of this rare mammal in same area.

The Paujil Nature Reserve is the last protected block of rainforest in the Magdalena Valley of Central Colombia. It provides a home for many rare birds, including the Critically Endangered blue-billed curassow (Crax alberti), also known as "El Paujíl."

Since 2008, GreaterGood's charitable partner World Land Trust-US has worked with Fundación ProAves to protect more than 8,000 acres of this exceptional habitat and its diverse populations of birds, reptiles, insects, and mammals.

Support of World Land Trust-US projects is made possible by The Rainforest Site's "Click Here To Give" program and other activities at the website.

Tapir caught on camera

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