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Breathless: Inspiration in the Trees

Blue Tree in Westlake (Seattle)Have you seen vivid, breathtaking, cobalt-blue trees appear almost out of nowhere in your area?  We're not talking about gaudy nylon holiday trees showing up early in the stores.  We're talking about real trees, trees that were always there, trees that you'd forgotten to look at because you'd seen them so often - and now you find yourself doing a double-take at their sudden, vivid transformation.

Artist and environmentalist Konstantin Dimopoulos has initiated an artistic movement that has everyone looking twice.  With a paint he describes as "biologically safe pigmented water" that will not harm the trees and will naturally wear off with time, he's created a modern masterpiece.  And he's inspired many to look again at the trees we all rely on - and how fast we're making them disappear.

Watch young filmmaker Miranda Andersen's response to the blue trees.  If Dimopoulos and his ephemeral blue creations don't impress you, Miranda's earnest exploration of his work will.

P.S.  Konstantin Dimopoulos's blue trees have been spotted in Vancouver, BC (Canada), in the Seattle area at Westlake (pictured here) and Kenmore portion of the Burke Gilman trail in WA (U.S.A.), and on the Brick Bay Sculpture Trail in New Zealand.

Painted Blue Trees In Seattle
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