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Cactus Bob continues to grow at wildlife center

Cactus Bob and a buddy continue to put on weight and prepare for their eventual release back into the wild.

"They are loving their new digs in the pre-release enclosure which is now complete with a waterfall and pond!" said Ali Crumpacker, Director of Fund for Animals Wildlife Center in Ramona, CA.

 The center received an unusually high number of orphaned bobcat kittens this season. Over the past several "baby seasons," that time of year where most wildlife raise their offspring, the Fund for Animals Wildlife Center typically works with four to five kittens who have become separated from their mothers and need to be hand-raised in rehabilitation. This year the numbers have doubled, with kitten number ten arriving at the center in July.

Bobcat kittens are kept at the center until the age that they would have normally left their mother (about nine months). The juvenile cats reach approximately twenty pounds before they are evaluated for release. If all goes well, they will be returned to an appropriate bobcat habitat in October or November. supports this center and other wildlife rescue operations through Gifts That Give More [tm]. To direct a donation to feed Cactus Bob or his friends, please use this Gift That Gives More.

Photo of Cactus Bob and friend courtesy of Fund for Animals Wildlife Center

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