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Cactus Bob heads into the wild for Thanksgiving

Cactus BobThe fluffy bobcat kitten wrestled with a cactus and ended up with some painful spines stuck into his backside. After being found by Border Patrol in Ocotillo, he was turned over the Fund for Animals Wildlife Center in California.

Along with other orphaned kittens turned into the center, Cactus Bob (as he was nicknamed by the staff) gained weight and learned some life skills necessary for a young bobcat to survive in the wild.

This month, when it would be natural for bobcat to strike out on his own, Cactus Bob was returned to his home turf ...just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving in the wild!

The young bobcat gave his rescuers one last peek over his shoulder before heading out to explore his new territory (shown below). supports the Fund for Animals' efforts through Gifts That Give More and other activities on the GreaterGood Network.

Cactus Bob territory

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