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Cape Wildlife Center weathers hurricane

Heather Fone/The HSUSThe Fund for Animal's Cape Wildlife Center in Barnstable, MA, weathered Hurricane Irene without any problems.

"Our emergency management plans enabled us to continue operations without missing a beat," said Cape Wildlife Center director Theresa Barbo in an e-mail sent out by Fund for Animals/HSUS.

When the hurricane warnings came, the Center staff made preparations to protect the wildlife rehabilitation hospital and its wild patients against the potential high winds and flooding. Like residents along the East Coast, this included putting plywood on windows, checking their pumps and backup generator, and stocking plenty of food and water for both animal patients and human staff.

When the storm knocked out their power, the Center's emergency generator kicked in and their work continued. The Center's first Irene victims: young gray and red squirrels blown out of their nests.

The Cape Wildlife Center is operated by the Humane Society of the United States and The Fund for Animals. In 2010, more than 1,400 wild animals representing 135 native wildlife species were treated at its clinic. supports this and other Fund for Animals sanctuaries through contributions received from The Animal Rescue Site's 'Click Here to Give' program and Gifts That Give More on the GreaterGood Network.

Photo:  Baby squirrels at Cape Wildlife Center. Heather Fone/The HSUS

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