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Cottontail rabbits hop into rehabilitator's garden

Unlike pet bunnies, the Eastern Cottontail Rabbits (Sylvilagus floridanus) thrive in their natural habitat: the woods and fields of the Eastern seaboard. But they are not above an occaisional foray into a garden.

When some young rabbits were brought to the Cape Wildlife Center after being discovered at the side of road, they  received the Center's usual careful care to facilitate their eventual release back into the wild. At the proper time, they were taken to the home of a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and released into a two-hundred acre conservation area.

After the release, it seems like the rabbits had a different idea about where they wanted to be. To the amusement of the Center staff, they moved into the rehabilitator's flower garden, enjoying all the plants, a warm brick walkway, and even a goldfish pond.

Eventually the cottontails felt safe enough to leave and moved out to the peaceful conservation area where they now live.

In 2011, the Cape Wildlife Center successfully released seventy-nine Eastern Cottontails. As summer approaches, they expect to receive an equal number of rabbits for their care this year. supports this wildlife center and other sanctuaries run by the HSUS/Fund For Animals through contributions from The Animal Rescue Site and Gifts That Give More [tm] program.


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