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Coyote hazing can keep your backyard safe

Thhe Humane Society of the United States works with local animal control officers to inform the public about safe methods of wildlife removal. Among the tips at a recent Fairfield County workshop about "coyote hazing" were methods to restore the fear of humans back into habituated coyotes through the systematic use of deterrents including noisemakers, projectiles, and water hoses:

"Public education and coyote hazing are not only more humane solutions for resolving these conflicts, but they are also more effective and longer-lasting than the proven failures of lethal measures," said Lynsey White Dasher, urban wildlife specialist for The HSUS.

Video taken by the Co-existing with Coyote program team in Vancouver, BC, Canada, shows a low tech method for scaring coyotes out of your yard: yelling and waving your arms.

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