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Global Warming - Did You Know?

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The average American eats about 250 pounds of meat per year. But the production of meat uses an incredible amount of resources and contributes hugely to global warming.
1 Pound of Beef = 16 pounds of grain = 2,400 gallons of water 
And that doesn't even address the cost of breeding, housing, slaughtering, and fuel consuption used in shipping! AND there's the environmental impact of destrying rainforest lands to make way for pasture, the smoke released from slash and burn agriculture, and the 89,000 POUNDS of animal poop  produced EVERY SECOND. 

Want an easy way to make a difference? Go vegetarian just ONE day per week and you can Save 84,000 gallons of water, Save 490 pounds of grain, Save 7,700 sq feet of rainforest, Save 15.5 gallons of gasoline, Reduce over 400 pounds of manure produced by food animals. 

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