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Grants to Gulf exceed $108,000 in 2010

In 2010, gave grants of more than $108,000 to charitable partners addressing ongoing animal rescue issues in the Gulf region caused by the oil spill.

This includes a grant of approximately $33,000 that went to the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies to help treat injured marine animals, provide a new anesthesia machine, and pay for tracking tags that will help monitor the progress of released animals. Earlier this year, $49,000 went to IMMS for the immediate aid of injured sea turtles and other marine mammals.

Another grant of $75,000 was directed to the International Fund for Animal Welfare. IFAW has been working in the Gulf region for many years, coordinating rescue efforts across state lines for wildlife, livestock, and pets following natural disasters and man-made disasters. At the request of the state rescue groups in Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana, IFAW will be setting up training programs to improve the overall effectiveness of animal rescue, decontamination, and transportation, as well as addressing other issues facing these organizations.

In addition, has provided funding to the Greater New Orleans Foundation to provide support for fishermen and families who have been economically impacted by the spill and to Foundation to provide support for animal shelters seeing a higher than normal number of pets turned in or services requested, again due to the economic impact of the spill in the region.

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