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IFAW emergency team heads to Queensland

International Fund for Animal Welfare has sent a team to Queensland to assist with wildlife rescue and also assess the needs of the area for long-term recovery. Record floods have left many roads inaccessible, food sources for wildlife covered by water or swept away by the floods, and many calls for assistance.

Working with Wildlife Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Conservation Association and other wildlife groups in the area, the IFAW team has been helping with veterinary care of creatures turned into care centers. IFAW vet Dr. Howard Ralph and IFAW Emergency Responder Tania Duratovic have been keeping well-wishers around the world updated on their efforts through the IFAW blog.

One of their most charming patients has been Tara, an elderly female koala. "She has an injury to her right wrist, is suffering from malnutrition, and seems to not see very well. But she is a dear old thing (yes, she is old which we can tell from her teeth)," wrote Duratovic on Jan. 24

.Dr. Ralph and koala

On January 24, gave IFAW an emergency grant of more than $65,000 to assist with their efforts in Australia. This grant was made possible through the Gifts That Give More [tm] program.

Photos © IFAW/J. Galea: Duratovic surveys flooded area (top) and Dr. Ralph examines Tara (above).

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