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Kenya park needs added security to combat increases in illegal activity

Kenya wildlife parkAfter a period of recovery following the 1989 ivory trade ban, Tsavo National Park in Kenya once again is experiencing poaching incidents. Illegal activities around the Park, such as livestock incursions, charcoal burning and mining activities, increased in 2010.

While rangers in the park took additional measures to prevent further poaching through intelligence information collection, aerial patrols and extended ground patrols, the threat to the elephants remains. 
In 2010, IFAW donated 41,000 litres of fuel to Tsavo for security purposes as well as the elephant drives, provided funding for a six week anti-poaching training session, and worked on other ways to provide urgent support to combat poaching both in the Park and surrounding areas. supports these efforts through the Gifts That Give More[tm] program and other funding provided to IFAW. To learn more, please click here.

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