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Lulu Belle and her troop retired to sunshine and love

Black Beauty Ranch in Texas is famous for providing a sanctuary for horses, but this oasis for larger animals also provides a forever home for a variety of former circus, zoo, and research animals.

For the last fifteen years, three adult chimpanzees (Kitty, Lulu Belle, and Midge) "retired" from a research lab have enjoyed life in a natural, spacious enclosure.

At forty-nine years old, Lulu Belle acts as the matriarch of the group. When she suffered a stroke earlier this year, the team at Black Beauty Ranch consulted a variety of specialists. They suggested regulating her blood sugar levels through insulin injections.

Lulu Belle has learned to present her finger to have her glucose level tested as well as present her upper arm for a daily insulin injection. With this treatment, she is recovering her mobility and is able to grasp even small pieces of fruits and veggies in her fingers. She can once again keep up with Kitty, her best friend, and keep Midge in his place when he "acts up." supports Fund for Animals sanctuaries like Black Beauty Ranch through the "Click Here To Give" program at The Animal Rescue Site and Gifts That Give More.

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