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Meet Pele of the Serra Bonita

Pele, a Northern Brown Howler Monkey, is one of the last of his kind. Discovered in captivity, where he was raised as a pet, Pele was taken to the Serra Bonita reserve where he currently roams free. He interacts with the other monkeys there, and he likes to check out the human visitors to his rainforest.

With probably only thirty individuals left on the planet, most Northern Brown Howler Monkeys live alone, never knowing life in troupes as their ancestors did. But Pele has created a new kind of troupe for himself with the other monkeys, the staff, and the visitors to Serra Bonita.

The board of the World Land Trust-US met Pele and heard his story during a recent visit to Brazil. Today, the organization is working to save this rainforest and provide a home not only for Pele but for all the species currently living there. supports World Land Trust-US through contributions from The Rainforest Site and the Gifts That Give More program.

Whether it is stopping for a drink (below) or adding equipment to the visitors' center (left), the staff at Serra Bonita are used to a little monkey supervision from Pele. Photos courtesy of World Land-Trust US

Pele Supervision

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