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Over one million acres of rainforest saved in Peru

S. fuscicolis

Thanks to the support of and The Rainforest Site, the Reserva Comunal Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo in Peru, expanded in size from the 322,500 hectares to 422,080 hectares, making it over one mllion US acres this year. The reserve recently was renamed as the “Área de Conservación Regional Comunal Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo “(ACRCTT).

Today the reserve is home to fourteen species of primates, the highest primate diversity for any protected area in the Amazon, as well as such creatures as the threatened giant anteater also lives within the preserve.

 The 180,000 hectare buffer zone that surrounds the reserve is home to RCF community work. Beginning in 2010, RCF began work on restoring on aguaje palm swamps (Mauritia flexuosa) that had been damaged from the cutting of fruit-producing palms and had been invaded by other vegetation with local approval for this long-term project.

Extensive restoration work through the planting of young palms and the removal of invasive vegetation has been carried out since June of 2010 and will continue as funding permits. These palm swamps also serve as a research laboratory and a training area for community conservation leaders. The sale of the fruits from this huge palm provides income for villagers, and allows them to leave wild palms inside the reserve untouched to produce fruits for the animals.

CaterpillarsThere is an enormous diversity of plants and other species in the RCF agroforestry systems and the trees are home to many exotic creatures, such as giant caterpillars (shown left).

Some of the institutions that have recently used the facility for conservation, education and community support include: El Comité de Gestión de la ACRCTT, Centro de Salud – Esperanza, Federación de Comunidades Nativas Maijuna (FECONAMAI), Programa de Conservación, Gestión y Uso Sostenible de la Diversidad Biológica en la Región Loreto (PROCREL), The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), University of Berkeley Haas Business School, George Mason University, and the San Diego Zoo.


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