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Prairie Dog Coalition helps sociable animals find safe homes

Photo: Elaine Miller BondLongtime charitable partner Fund for Animals supports the Prairie Dog Coalition, among other wildlife protection programs. The Coalition is working throughout the Great Plains to relocate prairie dogs to safe homes, far away from urban development and other danger zones.

"Prairie dogs are the keystone species of the Great Plains ecosystem," wrote Lindsey Sterling Krank, director of the Prairie Dog Coalition.

When relocating the prairie dogs to a safe area, the Coalition works to keep entire families together (prairie dogs being highly social creatures) and often utilizes formerly abandoned burrows as well as creating new habitats when needed.

Once captured, a prairie dog either is transferred to a temporary emergency shelter or directly into a new burrow with a "holding cap" to allow for slow release into its new habitat. During transfer, all prairie dogs are given a health and wellness check as well as receiving any necessary veterinarian care needed prior to being released into their new family home.

To learn more about the Coalition's efforts, please click here.
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