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Rare Rhinos Spotted in Indonesia

Seven extremely rare Sumatran rhinos were seen in a national park in Indonesia—the first sighting there in twenty-six years according to conservationists from the Leuser International Foundation.

A team of Leuser forest rangers spotted the nearly extinct, two-horned rhinos while conducting a survey last year. It is believed that seven to twenty-five rhinos may survive in the area.

The Sumatran rhino is the smallest of rhinos and has been classified as critically endangered since 1996. Sumatra is the only place in the world where these rhinos live.

This June, a female Sumatran rhino living in a breeding facility in Way Kambas National Park gave birth to a male rhino calf named Andatu (a combination of his parent’s names and a shortened version of the Indonesian expression for “Gift of god”).

Conservationists warn that illegal poaching and habitat destruction in the area continues to jeopardize the rhinos’ survival in Indonesia.


News video of Andatu taken in 2012:

Support efforts to save Asian rhinos at The Rainforest Site.

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