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Saving sea turtles in India

Sea turtle nesting. Photo courtesy VSPCA volunteerThe plight of sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico recently hit the headlines due to the oil spill. But sea turtles around the world need increasing protection from manmade hazards.

In India, VSPCA has been working for more than ten years to protect these vulnerable creatures. As a member of the Turtle Action Group (TAG) consisting of active NGOs throughout India working under a unified platform, VSPCA works to make the public more aware of the need to preserve sea turtles as well as providing protection for the nesting sites.

In 2009/10, VSPCA saw a steady increase in nesting sites in the region where they work (the beaches along the Bay of Bengal).

This year, they propose expanding the number of rangers monitoring the nesting sites, eggs, and hatchling Olive Ridley sea turtles, and other endangered sea turtle species (the green, loggerhead, hawks bill, and leatherback turtles) as well expanding their education programs at local fishing villages about the need to install turtle excluder devices (TEDs) on their nets and protect the nesting sites.

To learn more about VSPCA's efforts, click here.
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