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Snickers' recovery can be tracked online

Every year, Pacific Marine Mammal Center rescues and rehabilitates hundreds of sick and injured marine mammals that strand themselves on Orange County's beaches.  Supporters can get to know "patients" like Snickers, a seal pup found March 2012, through online videos and eventually track his return to the sea through satellite tag technology.

The male Northern elephant seal named Snickers was found on March 11 from Huntington Beach. At seventy-four pounds,  the pup was extremely malnourished and severely dehydrated. After a few days of rehydrating him with tube feedings and giving him fluids subcutaneously, Snickers began to show signs of improvement.

By June, Snickers was healthy enough to join other pups in the pen (as seen in the video) and currently eats as much as twelve pounds of herring a day. Eventually, he will be returned to the Pacific and his progress will be tracked through satellite tag. supports PMMC and other wildlife rescue programs through Gifts That Give More [tm]. To learn more about how to help PMMC, please click here.

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