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Spring means more wildlife rescues for sanctuaries

The HSUS/Fund For Animal Wildlife Sanctuaries provide both rescue and rehabilitation services for their region. In the spring, this often means taking in young animals and birds left orphaned or abandoned. But they’d much rather see the young raised in natural settings by their parents, even if that “wild” home is in a suburban backyard.

The staff and volunteers work in neighborhoods to help make peaceful co-existence possible as a recent rescue of a young red shouldered hawk illustrates.

When neighbors spotted a young hawk who had fallen out of a crumbled nest, they didn’t try to handle it themselves but called the South Florida Wildlife Center. After a medical examination by SFWC veterinary staff, the hawk was judged a perfect candidate for re-nesting.

Using a laundry basket lined with sticks for nesting and with holes drilled for drainage, a new nest was created to replace the one that tumbled to the ground. Experienced climbers secured the nest to the crook of the tree approximately 45 feet above the ground.

As the mother hawk circled overhead, they gently pulled the baby up, and put him in the laundry basket nest. On the ground, another volunteer played distress calls from a juvenile hawk so that the parents would respond.

While the SFWC rescue crew took time and extra effort to reunite this chick with its family, the SFWC also wants people to remember that not all baby animals spotted alone are abandoned or need help. They may simply have been “hidden” there by the parents and are perfectly safe. supports HSUS/Fund For Animal sanctuaries through the “Click Here To Give” program at The Animal Rescue Site as well as the Gifts That Give More [tm] program.

Photos courtesy of South Florida Wildlife Center

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