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Tis the Season For Snow Leopard Cubs

It’s cub season in Central Asia and in zoos around the world.

While the Snow Leopard Trust’s researchers are in the field looking for wild cubs, they are also in touch with approximately seventy zoo partners around the world keeping track of population increases there too.

Most recently, they have heard that the ABQ Zoo in Albuquerque, NM, and Cape May County Zoo in New Jersey saw the birth of healthy sets of twins this spring.

Also this year, three cubs were born at Marwell Wildlife in the UK, two male cubs were born in April at Zooparc de Trégomeur in France, and Germany’s Zoo Magdeburg is expecting cubs in June.

The organization’s Natural Partnerships Program (NPP) brings the global Zoo community and the Snow Leopard Trust together in a united effort to ensure the survival of the endangered snow leopard.  Through NPP, zoos not only help to preserve the genetic viability of the species but also support high priority conservation projects in snow leopard range countries. 


Marwell Snow Leopard Cubs (2011)

This earlier video shows how Marwell’s first set of triplets. Zoos typically keep cubs out of exhibitions for the first twelve weeks to give them time to grow and the mother to bond with them.  Expect this year's crop of cubs to be visible in late summer or early fall. supports the Snow Leopards Trust's activities to save the wild snow leopards through the Gifts That Give More program at The Rainforest Site.

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