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Volunteers take koalas into their homes

Koala -  PawPawFriends of the Koala, located in New South Wales, relies on people power to save the iconic "teddy bear" of Australia. In the Northern Rivers region, they encourage people to be good neighbors by planting trees necessary for the koala's survival, confining dogs at night to avoid canine attacks on the koalas, driving carefully at night to prevent hitting the noctural animals, and reporting all koala sightings to the Friends.

Most importantly, they ask for people to contact them when they spot a sick or injured koala. Using a network of volunteers, the Friends bring in injured koalas, providing them the necessary care for rehabilitation and release back into the wild.

Through their efforts, they hope to protect the population of koalas in the region. supports their grassroots effort to save the koala through the Gifts That Give [tm] program.

More About Koalas

Although not classified as endangered, various koala populations in New South Wales remain vulnerable due to habitat loss. Restoring the local "gum" trees ensures that these picky eaters will encouraged to roam and help strengthen the population overall.


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