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Watermelon Treats Mark Robert's 12th Anniversary

Robert enjoyed a special watermelon treat as part of his 12th anniversary celebration at Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Texas.

Although the ranch is primarily known for its work in rescuing and providing a permanent sanctuary for domestic and wild horses, it also takes in a number of "exotics" rescued from roadside zoos, private homes, and labs.

Robert was born at Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research in 1998. His mother, a Gelada baboon, was accidentally bred with a Hamadryas baboon. That left Robert a hybrid, a fact that saved him from medical testing.

After living in the “surplus” troupe at the Southwest Foundation, Robert was moved to Black Beauty on May 10, 2001.  

Besides giving all their primates watermelons to celebrate Robert's anniversary, the staff at Black Beauty decorated his enclosure with some of his favorite enrichment items: boomer balls, squeaky toys, and kongs. supports the Fund for Animals sanctuaries, included Black Beauty Ranch, through the "Click To Give" program at The Animal Rescue Site.

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