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World Land Trust seeks to save Bolivian Macaws

One of the beneficiaries of The Rainforest Site's green button, the World Land Trust-US seeks to preserve critical habitats. In Bolivia, their efforts could ensure the survival of a species.

Less than fifty breeding pairs of the Blue-throated Macaws remain in the wild. Dependent upon the fruit of the MotacĂș palm tree, agricultural and development threaten their continued existence in Bolivia. Recently, the Trust was presented with the opportunity to purchase 3,000 acres of natural rainforest and savannas in northwestern Bolivia's threatened Beni Savanna.

The World Land Trust is an international conservation organization that takes direct action to save rainforest and other biologically important lands by buying it, acre by acre. Since its foundation in 1989, WLT has helped purchase and protect over 375,000 acres of tropical forests, coral reefs, coastal steppes, and ancient woodlands. WLT includes local people and local partner organizations in every step of the process, in order to ensure local jobs and long-term sustainability of its projects.

You can learn more about the cost to save the Macaw's habitat here. A complete list of's charitable partners can be found here.
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