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Latest Cute And Cuddly Articles

Up Close And Personal With Sea Lions

Feb 11, 2014: Joining a group of sea lions on a swim sounds like something from a dream sequence, but for two lucky divers, it was a reality.

Koalas Are Not Bears

Feb 4, 2014: Contrary to popular belief, Koalas are not actually bears, although they have been referred to as "Koala Bears" for many years.

Little Punkin's Big Decision

Jan 6, 2014: When Little Punkin was abandoned by his mom, it was up to the caretakers at the sloth sanctuary to find him a suitable alternative.

Amazing Animal Babies: Cheetah

Jan 1, 2014: One day, they'll grow up to be the fastest land animal on the planet, but when they're just cubs, baby cheetahs are largely helpless have a lot to learn before they're ready to hunt.

Adorable Tree Kangaroos Fitted With Tiny Video Cameras

Dec 26, 2013: To help understand tree kangaroos and how to best protect them, National Geographic teamed up with former tree kangaroo hunters to help capture the animals to fit them with research cameras.

Baby Panther Cub

Dec 11, 2013: For Lucy, captivity ensures she will live a long, healthy life while remaining a key member of a dwindling species.

Clever Monkey's DIY Insect Repellent

Nov 22, 2013: In the forest, monkeys scavenge for food as well as useful items. One thing that they look for is piper leaves, which contains an insect repelling sap that the monkeys rub on their bodies to protect themselves against insect bites and skin infections.

Arctic Fox Cubs at Play

Nov 18, 2013: It takes a lot of practice to become a skilled hunter, but thankfully, these little ones are able to master their techniques through play with their siblings.

Cute And Clever Otters

Nov 8, 2013: Baby sea otters, when first born, are unable to directionally swim, and are basically like corks floating in the water. Corks that could fall victim to strong sea currents and be swept away in a moments notice. Otter mothers remedy this by constantly watching, carrying, and protecting their precious pups. Ever the clever animals, otters have learned to adapt and take advantage of their close proximity to humans, often using their machines as tools and resources.

Rescued Seals Go Home

Oct 24, 2013: When seal pups get stranded from their moms and wash up on the New England coast, the University of New England's Marine Animal Rehabilitation Center is prepared for them.

Baby New at the Zoo: Baby Monkey Twins at Play

Oct 18, 2013: Recently, two twin golden lion tamarins were born at the Smithsonian National Zoo. The pair, Samba and Giselle, is the latest addition to the zoo's collection and part of the zoo's larger program to breed the monkeys for release back into the wild.

Koalas Under Pressure

Oct 10, 2013: Years of development and deforestation has caused the dramatic loss of prime koala habitat. It’s estimated that up to 80 percent of their traditional ranges have been destroyed.

Baby Badgers at the Secret World Rehabilitation Wildlife Centre

Oct 3, 2013: At the Secret World Rehabilitation Wildlife Centre in the English countryside, workers are busy every day caring for the animals in need of their help. Recently, the centre cared for an adorable cete of badgers kits.

Lemurs Takin' it Easy

Oct 1, 2013: Deep in the forests of Madagascar, ring tailed lemurs have found an idyllic place to call home.

Endangered Tiger Cubs Born In The USA

Sep 24, 2013: Big news came out of the Smithsonian National Zoo recently as they announced the birth of two rare Sumatran tiger cubs.
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