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Results — How You're Helping

Your clicks count! The tables below show results from your clicks — along with those of other visitors — on the "Click Here to Give - it's FREE" button.

Last year, visitor clicks funded the protection and preservation of 10,321 acres of of habitat, home to tens of thousands of plant and animal species. Purchases at The Rainforest Site store saved an additional 2,031 acres of habitat.

Each year, as costs rise, we can still help with a free daily click. Tell others to increase the impact we're able to make together. Thank you for taking action!

Results : Daily and Monthly

DateClicksSq. Ft. of LandAcresHectares
July 2348,690555,
July 2271,432814,324.818.77.6
July 2179,967911,623.820.98.5
July 2061,193697,600.216.06.5
July 1958,103662,374.215.26.2
July 1873,566838,652.419.37.8
July 1776,507872,179.820.08.1
July 1676,981877,583.420.18.2
July 1577,819887,136.620.48.2
July 1478,416893,942.420.58.3
July 1360,723692,
July 1258,167663,103.815.26.2
July 1172,610827,754.019.07.7
July 1075,413859,708.219.78.0
July 0977,839887,364.620.48.2
July 0876,553872,704.220.08.1
July 0778,925899,745.020.78.4
July 0660,904694,305.615.96.5
July 0556,608645,331.214.86.0
July 0459,818681,925.215.76.3
July 0372,382825,154.818.97.7
July 0271,088810,403.218.67.5
July 0173,116833,522.419.17.7

DateClicksSq. Ft. of LandAcresHectares
June 20142,106,85524,018,147.0551.4223.1
May 20142,186,41324,925,108.2572.2231.6
Apr. 20142,182,34524,878,733.0571.1231.1
Mar. 20142,232,16625,446,692.4584.2236.4
Feb. 20142,012,73822,945,213.2526.7213.2
Jan. 20142,217,51925,279,716.6580.3234.9

Results : Yearly

DateClicksSq. Ft. of LandAcresHectares

This year, we can do even more to support conservation efforts in the Americas and across the globe. Together, we're making the world a better place. Thank you for your support!

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