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He Took a Bullet for Turtles

Stan Pannaman

When a man threatened the unhatched sea turtles that Stan Pannaman had sworn to protect, the veteran risked his life to save them. Check it Out »


Plant Native Trees

The Peruvian city of Ica was once surrounded by huarango tree. But the struggling people of Ica turned in desperation to the trees, cutting them down for charcoal to sell and use in the cities.

Trees for Cities is working to reintroduce the huarango tree through planting of new seedlings.

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Care and Feeding for a Rescued Tiger

The International Fund for Animal Welfare has committed to rescuing big cats from dangerous or cruel captive situations, and moving them into qualified lifetime sanctuaries.

Because so many sanctuaries are at capacity, IFAW is identifying the best ones and helping them increase the number of big cats they can handle.

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