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Save the Polar Bears!

Chilly Polar Bear

In an effort to raise awareness of the polar bear's plight, Google Maps gives an incredible virtual tour of the polar bear capital of the world — Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

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Protect the Sea Turtle's Beach Habitat!

Cape Hatteras's sea turtle population is in constant danger of human interference from the beach's frequent vacationers and tourists. Baby turtles are especially vulnerable to the off-road vehicles that drive directly through their habitat.

Help end the use of off-road vehicles in the sea turtle's habitat, and protect baby turtles from harm!

Take action: Sign the Petition

This Trapped Swan's Dad Gets SO Mad! But It's Hilarious

When this poor Cygnet got stuck trying to squeeze through a chain-link fence, there was only one person to call: Simon Cowell! Cowell, the founder of Wildlife Aid in the UK is an expert animal rescuer, and he's pretty funny too.

Have a look at the incredible and charming rescue for yourself!

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Save Koalas!

Save Koalas Injured in Bushfires

IFAW is working with the Native Animal Trust Fund and Hunter Koala Preservation Society to help wildlife injured in the New South Wales bushfires. Koalas, wallabies, possums, and other animals need to be treated quickly. Many of these victims will need to be cared for through a long recovery period before they are able to survive on their own in the wild.

You can help. This Gift That Gives Moreā„¢ helps care for koalas and other wildlife injured in Austrailian bushfires.

Learn More About the Project

Hawksbill Turtle
Save Hawksbill Turtles from Deadly Nets
Hawksbill turtles of the eastern Pacific Ocean are some of the most endangered sea turtles in the world, but improper fishing methods are putting their population in peril. The Eastern Pacific Hawksbill Initiative hopes to reduce the effects fisheries have on hawksbill turtles with the hope that these turtles will be able to make a full recovery — and you can help.

Learn More About the Project!

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