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Protect an Endangered Frog

Help empower the people of the Chocó region of Colombia to protect the critically endangered golden poison frog.

You can help protect this special habitat by funding training, field supplies, and educational materials for forest guards.

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Polar Bear in the Arctic

Help Save The Arctic Ocean

President Obama just approved oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean — the home of walruses, polar bears, and beluga whales.

Urge the President to reprioritize economic and environmental sustainability over the dark pull of the fossil fuel industry.

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Cloud Forest Frog

Protect Las Tángaras Cloud Forest

The Las Tángaras area of northwestern Colombia is perhaps the least known rainforest on Earth. It is home to many endangered species, and may hold one of the greatest concentrations of species new to science.

With its local partner, Fundación ProAves, Rainforest Trust has designed a conservation plan for high-risk areas known to be critical for the largest number of endangered species by purchasing key land parcels.

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