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Five Years Gone...

Kwibi and Damian

"Then as it was, then again it will be..." These lyrics ring true across species — Just ask conservationist Damian Aspinall and his gorilla-friend Kwibi! Check it Out »

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Breaching Orca

Keep Toxic Runoff out of Puget Sound

Puget Sound — a collection of channels, inlets, estuaries, embayments, and islands in Washington State — is at risk from urban rain water runoff, which collects toxins as it moves over sidewalks and streets.

Thankfully, the risk is a preventable one, through the use of "rain gardens." These planted areas are specifically designed to keep clean rainwater from becoming toxic runoff.

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Wonderful Wolf

Help Stop the Wolf Carnage in Idaho

The State of Idaho has declared war on the wolves. The government has gone so far as to contract Wildlife Services to help kill wolves in order to boost elk populations for hunters.

Tell the Secretary of Agriculture that killing wildlife for hunting their own natural prey is not a game — Wildlife Services need to stand down before it's too late!

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What Happens When Cross-Species Best Friends Reunite After Five Years?

When Damian Aspinall rescued, rehabilitated, and released Kwibi the gorilla, the two formed an inexplicable bond. Five years later, Damian set off into the jungle to find his old friend. Neither Damian nor his crew could have expected Kwibi's reaction when he heard Damian's voice from a distance...

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American Wolves
Help Save Wolves in the American West!
Wolves are a keystone carnivore in the wild -- they maintain balance in their ecosystems. However, their taste for livestock can create problems for farmers and ranchers. Support the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network's effort to foster good relations between wolves and humans.

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