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Help Save Sharks

Sharks have been one of the top predators in the oceans for over 4 million years. But, illegal fishing for their fins is killing their species for soup.

Sharks need our help now. We must do what we can to save all species of sharks, each vital to the ocean ecosystem in its own way.

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Shark Apex Predatoring

Ban Shipment of Shark Fins

One fourth of all sharks are in danger of extinction, mostly due to the popularity of shark fin soup.

Help end cruel shark finnning by calling on Congress to ban the trade and sale of shark fin products now and forever.

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Help Save Vietnam's Rarest Mammals

High in the remote, rugged terrain of Vietnam's Annamite mountain range is the beautiful Pu Mat National Park. The park is host to a wealth of bird, amphibian, and reptile species and is considered one of the most important sites for mammal conservation in Vietnam. Nicknamed the Asian Unicorn, the critically endangered Saola remains one of the least known, and most threatened, large mammals on the planet.

We must do what we can to save the Saola, and the animals the live with it.

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