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6 Real-Life Animal Hybrids

Over millions of years, some animals diverge into an entirely new species. And down the line, those animals can reconvene to create a new hybrid species. Click to see what can happen! »

Endangered Tiger Shark

Help Stop Shark Finning

One fourth of all sharks are in danger of extinction, mostly due to the popularity of shark fin soup.

Help end cruel shark finnning by extending protections to all threatened, vulnerable, and endangered sharks.

Take Action: Sign the Petition »

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Give Them Back Their Homes.

In India, wildlife such as elephants and rhinos are at risk from annual monsoon floods, poaching, and human-wildlife conflict. Elephant and Rhino calves orphaned by disaster need years of intensive care before they are able to fend for themselves in the wild. For a second chance at life, these animals need help.

These orphans need to be returned to the wild.

Help Here!

Handle On My Heart Dragonfly Mug
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