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Orphan Bear Cub

Help a Bear Cub

All too often, bear cub mothers are killed by poachers, automobiles, or natural disasters, leaving the orphaned cubs before they are prepared to fend for themselves.

The Northern Lights Wildlife Society takes in injured and orphaned bear cubs to rehabilitate and release then back to the wild.

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Help Save Humpback Whales!

Humpback Tail

Only 21,000 humpback whales remain — without public awareness & education, the species might not make it through the 21st century. Find Out How You Can Help »

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Restore Sky Islands' Wetlands

Help Restore Sky Islands' Wetlands

The biodiverse Sky Islands area in Southwestern North America is home to many plants and animals, and every drop of water is precious to this increasingly dry area.

This Gift That Gives More helps restore aquatic balance to this pristine wilderness.

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