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Care for a Bobcat

Baby Bobcats

Every year, young bobcats find themselves in need of a helping hand from The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center in San Diego, California before they can return to the wild.

Lion Cuddles

A Friendly Lioness

When Kevin "The Lion Whisperer" Richardson sees this lioness emerge from the grass, he gets ready for cuddles. Watch the video to see the fur fest! »

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Autumn Special!

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Help Save Snow Leopards

You can help build a sustainable future that protects both livestock and snow leopards!

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What Happens When a Lion Meets His Cubs for the First Time?

Being a lion cub is a dangerous identity. For the first month and a half, life is swell. Cubs spend all day with their loving mother, building strength, and learning the basics of lionhood. However, when it's time to meet the pride, things can get pretty tense.

Watch as a litter of lion cubs face-off with the king of the pride in this intense but adorable video.

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Ask USFWS and the Department of Interior To Give Panthers Room To Roam!

Florida panthers, once prevalent in southwestern United States, number less than 160 today — and their habitat is shrinking daily. Residential and commercial developments continue to minimize their habitat, which makes it increasingly difficult to protect them.

Keep these creatures out of harm's way, and help prevent the disappearance of Florida wetlands.

Take Action: Sign the Petition

Help Save Snow Leopards
When snow leopard territory is encroached on by herding communities, wild species that snow leopards prey on are driven out to make room for livestock. Snow leopards often turn to hunting the livestock to survive.

You can help. This Gift That Gives More builds a sustainable future that protects both livestock and snow leopards!

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