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Save Wolves

Save Idaho Wildlife!

A rights organization for hunters has filed a request to perform a multi-year shoot-'em-up on national public lands.

The group aims to hunt wild predators during each winter for the next five years. Tell the BLM to deny this killing spree!

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Tree Full of Butterflies

Save Monarchs

The Forests For Monarchs project has added more than 5 million trees since 1997 to previously deforested areas of Mexico.

Trees serve as a buffer to protect butterflies from harsh weather. When sustainably harvested, trees provide a renewable source of income for residents.

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Plant Trees to Sequester Carbon

Carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases contributing to global warming and subject to the Kyoto Protocol. Carbon emissions from deforestation, the burning of fossil fuels, changes in land use, and other human activities are increasing, while the earth's ability to soak up, or "fix" the carbon, is decreasing because of ocean and forest changes. Reforestation is a way to help restore the balance.

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Lions Love Hugs!

Kevin Richardson has a very special relationship with his lion pride. However, when he leaves for a while, they miss him so badly that they can hardly handle themselves!

Watch what happens when the pride sees Kevin for the first time in a long time — it's adorable!

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Demand Action for our Southwestern Desert Tortoises

Due to a government plan to shut down the Desert Tortoise Conservation Center in Nevada, up to 1,400 captive tortoises will be relocated into wild tortoise habitats. However, desert tortoises in captivity are often not capable of surviving in the wild, and could even attract predators and spread disease to the already declining wild tortoise population.

Take action: Sign the petition to keep the Conservation Center open and preserve the wild tortoise habitat

Stop the Needless Slaughter of Hundreds of Bison!

Yellowstone is home to one of the last genetically pure herds of bison left in North America. Up to 1,600 of this 4,600-strong herd could be killed under an appalling scheme. Tell Governor Steve Bullock to stop the slaughter and let bison roam outside of Yellowstone National Park!

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Help Prairie Dogs

Each year in the U.S., tens of thousands of prairie dogs lose their lives to poisoning and traps, urban development, non-native disease, or shooting contests. The Prairie Dog Coalition relocates prairie dogs away from danger into protected zones, bolstering the native ecosystem of the Great Plains.

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You Won't Believe How Hippos Birth Their Young!

Hippopotamuses eat a lot of grass, but spend much of their time in the water. In fact, the way they give birth is reminiscent of their dolphin and whale cousins!

Find out how these grass-grazing water-dwellers start their lives!

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Protect African Animals from Poachers
African wildlife are being hunted illegally as you read this, despite strict anti-poaching laws that have been in place for years. Enforcement of these laws is lacking due to under-equipped and under-staffed, giving poachers the upper-hand. However, independent organizations are stepping up to protect these creatures-in-need. IFAW and LATF are crossing boarders to give African fauna the protection they need — and you can help!

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