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Sequester Carbon

Sequester Carbon

The earth's ability to soak up the carbon dioxide is decreasing because of climate changes.

Reforestation is a way to help control emissions. Forests for Monarchs is working to plant trees that will provide a home for Monarch butterflies while helping reforest their historical habitat.

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Dolphins Take the Beach!

Fishing Dolphins

Dolphins in eastern Georgia USA have discovered an incredible way to catch their dinner — you won't believe their unique fishing method! Check it Out »

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Protect Lions From Cruel Trophy Hunting

Recent high-profile stories about trophy hunters such as television host Melissa Bachman and Jimmy John's owner Jimmy John Liautaud have created internet-fueled outrage over the practice. However, it remains perfectly legal. The only way to enact effective change is to petition for an underlying policy revision. It's time to ensure that animals classified as "vulnerable" are truly protected. Tell the ICUN that trophy hunters should not be allowed to target vulnerable species.

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This Lion Loses His Brother -- Their Reunion is Priceless!

After spending hours hollering for his brother — whom he lost while distracted by a nearby, attractive femme-lion — the two finally find one another in one of the most touching animal reunions you'll ever see.

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Care For Rescued Wildlife at La Senda Verde

La Senda Verde is one of Bolivia's leading wilderness sanctuaries, with over 300 animals in residence — all of whom have been rescued from illegal trafficking. With your generous gift, you can help feed the sanctuary's Amazonian monkey and macaw population, and help them build up enough strength to be released back into the wild.

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Penguin Emergency: Save the Babies!
Hundreds of endangered penguin chicks in danger of starving need to be rushed to safety and care. The African penguin is in dramatic decline, and every single one of these baby penguins are crucial to the species. In just three generations, their population has declined an astonishing 60%, and the African penguin is now endangered.

You can help. This Gift That Gives Moreā„¢ helps feed these beautiful babies, and could save the entire species!

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