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American West Wolves

Help Wolves!

Wolves are a keystone carnivore in the wild — they help maintain a balanced ecosystem. However, they can sometimes clash with farmers and ranchers.

Keeping both wolves and livestock safe isn't easy, but it's possible! Help perpetuate good relations between wolves and humans.

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Contribute To Habitat Preservation

Thank you for your daily click for rainforest preservation. Together, over the past fourteen years, we have established protections for over 41,000 acres of rainforest habitat — that is huge!

But there is plenty more work to do. Rainforests are the lungs of our planet, and without them we will suffocate. Find out how you can do more to help us keep breathing through our charity partners!

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Help Expand Ocean Habitat for North Atlantic Right Whales Before it's too Late!

Right whales of the North Atlantic are under constant threat, whether from commercial fishermen or energy-searching sonic blasters, and are in danger of losing their habitat.

The NMFS agrees that something must be done in favor of these gorgeous creatures, but as of yet has refused to make a move. Tell Director Donna Wieting it's time for a change!

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These Chipmunks Are NUTS!

During that short period when fall becomes winter, chipmunks tend to get a bit competitive in the search for and storage of food. Some chipmunks are fully prepared for the winter, while others try to mooch off of the planners.

When the two kinds meet, the result is a storm of squeaks, squeals, and flying fur! Click to see a rodent acrobatic battle for the ages!

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Save the Critically Endangered Vaquita
After the extinction of the Baiji river dolphin, the vaquita is now the most endangered aquatic mammal, with only about two hundred specimens in existence. The major threat to these poor creatures is accidental death by fishing gear. But with your help, we can educate fishermen on how to minimize or eliminate their impact on this endangered species.

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