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Fluffy Bears!

Help Berryessa Snow Mountain

The Berryessa Snow Mountain region is home to an array of incredible wildlife, and a variety of unique plant-life.

However, roads and developments are encroaching on this beautiful landscape. Tell President Obama to protect this pristine region!

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Right Whales

Protect Right Whales' Habitat

At least 75% of right whales have scars from ship strikes and fishing lines, and new threats from energy exploration and military research are putting them in further danger.

Urge the NMFS to expand much-needed protections for the right whale.

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Stop the Needless Slaughter of Hundreds of Bison!

Yellowstone is home to one of the last genetically pure herds of bison left in North America. Up to 1,600 of this 4,600-strong herd could be killed under an appalling scheme. Tell Governor Steve Bullock to stop the slaughter and let bison roam outside of Yellowstone National Park!

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Help Prairie Dogs

Each year in the U.S., tens of thousands of prairie dogs lose their lives to poisoning and traps, urban development, non-native disease, or shooting contests. The Prairie Dog Coalition relocates prairie dogs away from danger into protected zones, bolstering the native ecosystem of the Great Plains.

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You Won't Believe How Hippos Birth Their Young!

Hippopotamuses eat a lot of grass, but spend much of their time in the water. In fact, the way they give birth is reminiscent of their dolphin and whale cousins!

Find out how these grass-grazing water-dwellers start their lives!

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Protect African Animals from Poachers
African wildlife are being hunted illegally as you read this, despite strict anti-poaching laws that have been in place for years. Enforcement of these laws is lacking due to under-equipped and under-staffed, giving poachers the upper-hand. However, independent organizations are stepping up to protect these creatures-in-need. IFAW and LATF are crossing boarders to give African fauna the protection they need — and you can help!

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