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Feed Tigers

Help lifetime sanctuaries care for tigers rescued from the pet trade.

IFAW has committed to rescuing big cats from dangerous or cruel captive situations, and moving them into qualified lifetime sanctuaries. IFAW is identifying the best ones and helping them increase the number of big cats they can handle.

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Ireland's Beautiful Kingfisher

Colorful Kingfisher

This brilliant Irish bird has a taste for seafood, and doesn't mind taking a dive to get some. Watch some incredible footage that shows the nimble kingfisher at its best. Check it Out »

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Rescue Sumatran Orangutans

Critically endangered Sumatran orangutans are facing another major threat to their habitat. Their rainforest homes are being rapidly replaced by agricultural developments, which makes simple survival for these gentle apes increasingly difficult. Food is getting harder to come by, and the continued loss of their forest sanctuaries has made orangutans more vulnerable to hunters and poachers than ever.

The Sumatran Orangutan Society works to protect, treat, and relocate these endangered apes to safer forest homes. Find out how you can help.

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Another Weird Thing About Platypuses

When scientists first saw images of the platypus, they thought it was a hoax. However, after platypuses were studied and classified, biologists discovered they were much more confounding than they had originally thought. Not only do platypuses lay eggs, but they also hunt for prey by poking their snouts around streambeds with closed eyes, ears, nostrils, and mouths.

Find out about the shocking method these unique creatures use to scour their aquatic ecosystems for food.

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Save Koalas from Possible Extinction!

About 40% of Australian female koalas are now infertile due to an epidemic of chlamydia. We must intervene if we are to reverse the pattern that could lead these cuddly creatures to extinction.

Sign the petition asking Australia's Federal Environment Minister to elevate koalas to endangered status and ensure they receive the resources necessary to avert this catastrophe.

Take Action: Sign the Petition

Protect Las Tángaras Cloud Forest
The Las Tángaras area of northwestern Colombia is perhaps the least known rainforest on Earth. It is home to many endangered species, and may hold one of the greatest concentrations of species new to science. With its local partner, Fundación ProAves, Rainforest Trust has designed a conservation plan for high-risk areas known to be critical for the largest number of endangered species by purchasing key land parcels.

You can help. This Gift That Gives More™ will support the work of our trusted partners to conserve Las Tángaras Forest and protect its inhabitants.

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