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Baiji River Dolphin Disappears

Lost Baiji Dolphin

Conservationists surveyed the river that the baiji dolphin called home, but couldn't find a single specimen. Learn More.

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Save the Military Macaw in Sonora

The Military Macaw is a threatened species of parrot that can be found only in certain forests of Sonora, Mexico, and South America. The only way to truly protect this magnificent bird is to protect its habitat. The Mexican Park Service (CONANP) is ready to establish the range as a biological reserve, but needs a biological inventory to finish the proposal.

You can help. This Gift That Gives More helps document thousands of species in Sonora, providing the last piece of the puzzle to establish permanent protection for the forest and the Military Macaws who live there.

Learn More About the Project

Disappearance of the Baiji River Dolphin

After sweeping 3200 kilometers of the Yangtze River in China, home of the baiji river dolphin, conservationists from the Zoological Society of London were unable to find any evidence of the critically endangered, and now possibly extinct Cetacean. Where has the baiji gone? And which species is next?

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End the Spring Migration Hunting in Malta

Hunters in Malta use a loophole in the European Union's Birds Directive that allows them to kill thousands of in-transit migratory birds each spring. The European Court of Justice has ruled that Malta is illegally hunting vulnerable species such as quail and turtle doves, but refuses to take action.

Make Europe's skies safe for migrating birds, and tell the EU's Commissioner for the Environment to enforce the court's ruling.

Sign the Petition to Take Action Yourself

Protect the Golden Poison Dart Frog
The remoteness of the Chocó has saved the forest home of this tiny amphibian from destruction, but recently, the discovery of massive alluvial gold deposits has attracted a gold rush that threatens this precious habitat and all of the creatures living in it. You can help the people of the Chocó Rainforest protect this special habitat.

This Gift that Gives More provides one week of on-the-ground training for a forest guard as well as training materials and field supplies.

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