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The Amazing Spider-Dance!

Peacock Spider

Peacock spiders have got some incredible dance moves! If this doesn't convince you to like arachnids, then nothing will — because this is amazing. Check it Out »

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You'll Love When This Chimpanzee Sees the Blue Sky for the Very First Time...

When the Humane Society of the United States rescued 111 chimpanzees from government-owned research facilities and brought them to Chimp Haven, they gave the downtrodden apes the most amazing gift: the clear blue sky.

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Plant Trees for Flying Squirrels

Since 1985, the northern flying squirrel has gone from nearly extinct to being on the verge of flourishing! However, there is still plenty of work to be done to help these adorable creatures.

By restoring the yellow birch tree population, the trees in which northern flying squirrels almost exclusively nest, we can restore the squirrels' once-sprawling habitat.

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Tell Congress: Hands Off Climate Standards

There are currently no national limits on pollution produced by fossil fuel power plants in the United States, which are the largest carbon polluters in the country.

As soon as the EPA proposed a rule to change current (non-)policies, Congress immediately tried to block their authority.

Urge the EPA to do its job and support strong climate standards

Breaching Orca
Keep Toxic Runoff out of Puget Sound
Puget Sound — a collection of channels, inlets, estuaries, embayments, and islands in Washington State — is at risk from urban rain water runoff, which collects toxins as it moves over sidewalks and streets. Thankfully, the risk is a preventable one, through the use of "rain gardens." These planted areas are specifically designed to keep clean rainwater from becoming toxic runoff.

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