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Baby Seal

Save Seals

In recent years, hundreds of thousands of Canada's seals have been killed in annual "seal hunts".

The hunt starts again every April. We cannot allow this savage cruelty to continue. Sign the petition below telling Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to put an end to Canada's seal massacre.

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Save Earth's Honey Bees

Fuzzy Honey Bee

Honey bees are essential to life on earth, but insecticides and pesticides are killing them at an alarming rate. Take Action: Sign the Petition »

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Save our Honey Bees!

The bees are in trouble! These super-pollinators, who are responsible for an estimated one-third of human food supply, are dying off at incredible rates. That's why Bee Girl works with kids across the United States encouraging them to conserve and protect the vital honey bee.

Learn More About the Project and How You Can Help

The World's Oldest Orca — You Won't Believe Her Age!

SeaWorld says that a female orca has a maximum lifespan of sixty years old, but Granny the orca — or, J2 — has been living for much longer than that! Read more about her amazing story, and find out why SeaWorld has been lying about the lifespan of these magnificent creatures.

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Protect the Arctic

The Arctic Ocean's pristine waters are in danger. No technology currently exists to clean up oil spilled in the region home to endangered whales, polar bears, seals and other wildlife.

Demand a more cautious approach to offshore drilling in the Arctic. Drilling in the Arctic isn't worth the risk!

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Rescue Marine Mammals Stranded on Cape Cod
When marine mammals are found in distress, IFAW's Marine Mammal Rescue and Research team is there to help. Its trained personnel are able to assess the health of the animal(s) and find the best course of action — rehabilitation where necessary and possible, relocation, release, and post-release monitoring.

Learn More About the Project

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