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A fuzzy baby penguin with gray feathers.

Save Baby Penguins

In just three generations, the African penguin population has declined an shocking 60%. Every baby is crucial to the species.

You can help feed and care for young penguins and make sure they rejoin their home colonies!

Help Rebuild This Fragile Species »

A Friendly Leopard Seal!

Friendly Leopard Seal

Even in the bitter cold of the Antarctic, one leopard seal wanted to make friends — so he brought food to this photographer! Check it Out »

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Rescue the Mexican Gray Wolf!

The Mexican gray wolf, a distinct subspecies of the gray wolf, once roamed throughout Mexico and the Southwestern United States. Today the global population of these animals is tiny — roughly 75 individuals in the wild, and another 300 in captivity.

Unless the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) takes immediate and dramatic action, this magnificent animal could no longer exist in the wild.

Take Action: Sign Today!

Creatures of Comedy

These fluffy creatures aren't part of a flower — they're actually planthopper nymphs. They have a number of defense mechanisms that protect them from predators, including a plant-like camouflage, and the ability to jump and float away at the first sign of trouble. See these funny little guys in action!

Check it Out

Protect the Golden Poison Dart Frog

The remoteness of the Chocó has saved the forest home of this tiny amphibian from destruction, but recently, the discovery of massive alluvial gold deposits has attracted a gold rush that threatens this precious habitat and all of the creatures living in it. You can help the people of the Chocó Rainforest protect this special habitat.

This Gift that Gives More provides one week of on-the-ground training for a forest guard as well as training materials and field supplies.

Learn More About the Project

Teach Children to Save Our Bees
An estimated one-third of the human food supply comes from plants directly pollinated by bees. However, last year bee populations also dropped by one-third. Help children learn the importance of showing gratitude toward our bee friends by giving a Gift That Gives More™.

Your donation will help our partner Bee Girl educate students across the United States about the importance of bees, and provides them with instructions and the means to plant a bee-friendly flower garden of their own.

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