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A Close Up of the Regal Sky Island Jaguar

Save Jaguars

The jaguars' home in the Sky Islands region is disappearing at an alarming rate.

While some tracts of land are being preserved, for animals like the jaguar, connected and continuous corridors are key. You can help fund research for the restoration and protection of Sky Islands.

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Baby Rhino and Elephant

Return Orphaned Elephants & Rhinos to the Wild

In India, wildlife such as elephants and rhinos are at risk from annual monsoon floods, poaching, and human-wildlife conflict. Elephant and Rhino calves orphaned by disaster need years of intensive care before they are able to fend for themselves in the wild.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), in partnership with the Wildlife Trust of India, has established a multi-species rehabilitation center where injured and orphaned wildlife get a second chance at life.

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