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Forgotten Earthquake Devastates Mexico

On September 7th, 2017, a massive 8.1 magnitude earthquake struck southern Mexico. Buildings buckled and crumbled into rubble, homes were lost, and terrified people were buried or escaped into the open as more than 1,000 aftershocks rocked the area.

The quake struck the Mexican states of Chipas and Oaxaca, and though it was felt 300 miles away in Mexico City, it did little damage there. It took days for news of the destruction to spread - but during that time, the United States faced its own disasters. Hurricane Harvey left Houston devastated, and the even larger hurricane Irma was on the path toward Florida. As a result, the news has been dominated by the hurricanes.

Our neighbors in Mexico, who sent volunteers to help Texas before their own disaster hit, need our help. Nearly 100 people are dead, and the damage is widespread, with thousands of homes destroyed and volunteers struggling to help the survivors.

You can help.

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