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Two-Headed Sharks!?

Two-headed sharks are being seen more often in the world's oceans. The mutation isn't restricted to a single species, leading some scientists to hypothesize that a genetic disorder is to blame. »

Meet The Tuatara!

The tuatara isn't your average lizard. These reptiles are old—really, really old. In fact, they've been around for 200 million years. Meaning: they walked the earth with dinosaurs. »

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Help Save Wolves in the American West!

Help save endangered Gray Wolves by giving them room to roam.

Gray Wolves were first put on the endangered species list in 1974 after they were nearly hunted to extinction. Since then, their population has slowly recovered -- there are now just about 4,000 wolves in the Northern Rockies and Pacific Northwest. However, wolves are still missing from more than 90 percent of their historic range in the lower 48 states. One of the main threats to wolves is agricultural expansion. As farmers move into native wolf habitat, predators kill livestock for food, leading farmers to kill the wolves.

Instead of killing the predators, Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network is working to teach farmers how to make their land 'wildlife-friendly' -- use a host of practices to keep their livestock safe and coexist with wide-ranging carnivores like wolves. Doing so, however, is expensive and time-consuming. These farmers need YOUR help to ensure they can continue their exceptional work. Help us improve wolves ability to remain on the landscape and provide an incentive for farms that do the right thing.

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