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Save Prairie Dogs

The prairie dog is a vital part of healthy North American grasslands. When human towns cross paths with prairie dog colonies, however, the prairie dogs often lose.

One group is helping relocate imperiled colonies. Families are kept together and relocated to protected areas where they will be safe from development and hunters.

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"White Gold" or "Bloody Teeth"?

In less than two weeks, authorities in Kenya, Hong Kong, and Vietnam apprehended nearly seven tons of contraband ivory in four separate raids destined for illegal markets where uninformed consumers trade elephants' lives for trinkets.

While law enforcement attempts to keep up with the increased pace of illegal shipments, growing demand in China threatens Africa's dwindling elephant populations.

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I Love How Welcoming Elephants Are of Newcomers!

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust adopted Kithaka after his herd was chased from their home in the Imenti Forest of Kenya by a human settlement.

On his first day at the elephant sanctuary, he has already made a whole herd of friends!

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Orphaned Baby Elephants

Orphaned Baby Elephants Emergency

The elephants at Kafue National Park in Zambia, where they are supposed to be protected, are perpetually under attack from poachers looking to cash in on their tusks. Baby elephants, unable to fend for themselves, are particularly vulnerable to ivory poachers.

You can help protect and nourish orphaned baby elephants by giving to the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

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Flying Squirrel
Plant Trees for Flying Squirrels
Since 1985, the northern flying squirrel has gone from nearly extinct to being on the verge of flourishing! However, there is still plenty of work to be done to help these adorable creatures. By restoring the yellow birch tree population, the trees in which northern flying squirrels almost exclusively nest, we can restore the squirrels' once-sprawling habitat.

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