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A Powerful Tale of Rescue

Ashley Bell and Lek Chailert sitting among a herd of Asian elephants

Noi Na, an Asian elephant, was 71 years old, blind, & desperately needed help. Love & Bananas brings you her dramatic rescue story.
There are thousands like her. Learn what you can do »

Young chained elephants legs and trunk

This Can't Go On

Every captive Asian elephant, whether kept for tourism, logging, circus, or trekking, has one thing in common. They were broken in the "crush box." That's how their lives with humans start.

The elephants then suffer harsh bullhook training, health problems, and chained confinement. This awful cycle must end.

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Plant a Tree, Save a Life in Malawi

In Malawi, Africa, deforestation is threatening the existence of future generations and wildlife, like the Vervet Monkey! Help us plant trees to counteract climate change and wildlife extinction.

Malawi is one of the world's most impoverished and densely populated countries. Ninety–five percent of the population cooks on a three–stone fire, using 3 to 4 bundles of wood per week. In addition, trees are often cut down and cleared to provide more farming land due to the fast–growing population and poor agricultural practices. With trees disappearing at an alarming rate, the environmental impacts are a severe decrease in wildlife, less rain, hotter temperatures, soil erosion, and drought — all factors leading to famine, poverty, and starvation. Without sufficient tree coverage, Malawi's immediate and long–term future for its people and wildlife is threatened.

You can help!

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Blown-Glass Plant Watering Globe
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