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Recently, Heart, Willie Nelson, and the Barenaked Ladies chose to cancel concerts at SeaWorld after viewing the Blackfish documentary. Stand with these entertainers by joining the boycott. Sign today!
Goal: 65,000 Progress: 39,482
Sponsored by: The Rainforest Site

Established in 1964, SeaWorld is an aquatic themed park which provides its visitors with close encounters with marine wildlife like belugas, dolphins, and orcas, also known as killer whales.

According to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, SeaWorld holds the vast majority of the world's captive orca whales which appear in shows. These performances are the current cornerstone of SeaWorld's entertainment model.

Orcas are highly intelligent, social animals. In captivity, they are deprived of the interactions they would normally have within their pod family structure. They often have stunted lifespans and numerous health issues while being forced to perform behaviors and tricks they would never exhibit in the wild. These impressive animals are almost constantly in motion, can dive as deep as 195 feet, and travel as far as 100 miles in a day, a range which no tank or aquarium can offer. Deprivation of natural habitat and social bonds often causes the whales to display aggressive behaviors unheard of in the wild.

SeaWorld's exploitative practices cannot be allowed to continue. Boycott SeaWorld until the company ends its policy of captivity for whales and other cetaceans.

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Dear SeaWorld C.E.O. Jim Atchison,

Until SeaWorld ends its policy of captivity for orcas and other cetaceans, I am writing to inform you that I will be boycotting your establishment and will be encouraging my friends and peers to do the same. It is cruel and exploitative to keep these highly intelligent, social animals away from their natural habitat and pods simply for the sake of human entertainment.

Under the stress of captivity, these animals display aggressive behaviors unheard of in the wild. Trainers have lost their lives to frustrated whales lashing out, and countless near-misses go unreported.

If SeaWorld is truly concerned about the welfare of the animals it cares for, it would end captivity for orcas and other cetaceans. Your organization has the unique capacity to play a heroic role in the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of whales rather than using them as entertainment.

I will not support your company's exploitative practices and will encourage my friends to join me in the boycott until you end your policy of captivity for whales and other cetaceans.


Petition Signatures

Jul 4, 2015 Crystal Delorme
Jul 4, 2015 Sanam Hedayat
Jul 4, 2015 Dolores Dudley
Jul 4, 2015 Bryan fogg They will never get my business till they quit capturing orcas
Jul 4, 2015 carla zsigray Lies, cover-up. I had heard from family who knew the Cousteau's and the talked of this. Your heartless and the mortality rate is high. I went to your water park 35 years ago. Hated it & will never go back. These mammals are not toys or exibits. Deceitful.
Jul 4, 2015 Jenny Riddle
Jul 4, 2015 Barbara Zingg
Jul 4, 2015 (Name not displayed) Free all your captive animals! You are exploiting and abusing our whales and Dolphins. You have killed many whales, not only in trying to capture them, but in how you mistreat and abuse them! Shame on you!
Jul 4, 2015 (Name not displayed) Orcas belongs in oceans not tiny thanks.
Jul 4, 2015 Jennifer Reimer We used to go every year multiple times, now I refuse to go and spend a dime supporting that place until they release all animals that can be. If they truly love animals they will stop with their shows and turn themselves into an animal rehab center.
Jul 4, 2015 judy naypaver
Jul 4, 2015 Kandra Ayon I have been alive long enough to know how Sea World captured it's Orca's. They say that they are happy in captivity - I lived on the Puget Sound shores and never once have seen an orca's fin dropped over. I was told it was a sign of sadness.
Jul 4, 2015 Kim Moody
Jul 4, 2015 Kathi Roussel I will never support Sea World. My hope is to see them close their doors, hang their out of business sign in the very near future.
Jul 4, 2015 Margaret Harrell
Jul 4, 2015 thomas marshall Just watched blackfish very disappointed all animals should be protected
Jul 4, 2015 Helen Smith
Jul 4, 2015 William Marquez jr
Jul 4, 2015 Josh Tamil
Jul 4, 2015 Steve Gorrell Please stop the agony
Jul 4, 2015 Jasmin Czarapata Free the whales. Boycott sea world
Jul 4, 2015 julie hay
Jul 4, 2015 Neva Scoles Please cease these inhumane practices.
Jul 4, 2015 Sherrill Doran-Perez
Jul 4, 2015 Sandy Rosales-Osberg How very sad the Orcas had to experience this tragedy.They should be free not confined in their life.
Jul 4, 2015 Ute Thomas Wrong!
Jul 4, 2015 Mary Edgerton This is wrong. The Sea World commercials lie!
Jul 4, 2015 jo joe SeaWorld,,,this is torture, abuse. Am spreading the word to stop everyone I kno to Not go Seaworld.
Jul 4, 2015 Dyanne Bartle SHAME, taking these babies from their mothers', it's not like they were orphaned. This practice is unacceptable and should not be tolerated!
Jul 4, 2015 alexis gouzoules Unethical, cruel, inhumane, disgusting, selfish, unnatural.....
Jul 4, 2015 Rachel Kocsis
Jul 4, 2015 Michele Cooley
Jul 4, 2015 Patti Colbath We haven't been back in many years
Jul 4, 2015 James & Tamara Amon
Jul 4, 2015 Debbie Clark Orkas need to be in the ocean. No being wants to be locked up and is happy about it. Your TV commercial sickens me.
Jul 4, 2015 Susan Brady Leave wildlife we're they'd supposed to be , in their own habitat.
Jul 4, 2015 terry Kostiuk
Jul 4, 2015 Ina Joseph
Jul 4, 2015 Karin Martinez This needs to stop
Jul 4, 2015 Karen Norton
Jul 4, 2015 Karen LaMantia Thy have the nerve to show that stupid commercial, which should be pulled off the air, but after seeing this, they just lost my support!
Jul 4, 2015 Jeffery Correa
Jul 4, 2015 Sheilah Bebbington Those magnificent creatures belong wild and free in the ocean. ...not in a man made prison!!
Jul 4, 2015 Tawnya Fullenwider
Jul 4, 2015 margie rivamar DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 4, 2015 Lisa Dahl
Jul 4, 2015 sally Reader Unbelievably heartless :( :( Wonder how many of the people involved are parents themselves? Wouldn't want to be their offspring if these are their values !!
Jul 4, 2015 Michele Koury
Jul 4, 2015 Carol Berkeley
Jul 4, 2015 mary strange

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