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Goal: 25,000 Progress: 11,767
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Most of us agree that Earth's climate is changing and it's having a negative effect on our environment. But new studies have emerged that suggest we might be reaching the point of no return when it comes to reversing the damage that's already been done.

Susan Solomon, a respected climate researcher said recently, "People have imagined that if we stopped emitting carbon dioxide the climate would go back to normal in 100 years, 200 years; that's not true." The longer we wait to address important issues like carbon emissions, deforestation, oil spills, etc., the more irreversible these effects will be.

The good news: since much of global warming can be attributed to human activity, we have the power to reign in our destructive behaviors with the hope of slowly turning climate change around.

We must not ignore this call to action. Sign the pledge promising to do all you can to help reverse the course of global warming.

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Petition Signatures

Jan 19, 2018 Judith Knouff
Jan 19, 2018 Fred Luke
Jan 19, 2018 Sue Hall
Jan 19, 2018 Paige Garberding Heads-in-the-sand is not a successful strategy for saving our planet.
Jan 19, 2018 Christopher Porter
Jan 19, 2018 Helga Preinesberger
Jan 19, 2018 Cherie Scott
Jan 19, 2018 Terry Forrest
Jan 19, 2018 Shannon L Taylor
Jan 19, 2018 Paweł Kawałkowski
Jan 19, 2018 Bernardino Scala
Jan 19, 2018 Danette Schau
Jan 19, 2018 Elissa Wilson
Jan 19, 2018 Kim Anthony
Jan 19, 2018 Jill Madsen
Jan 19, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Jan 19, 2018 lesley westbrook
Jan 19, 2018 Sean Murphy
Jan 19, 2018 Jennifer Shryock
Jan 19, 2018 Corinne Gaulon
Jan 19, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Jan 19, 2018 Ian Whitelaw
Jan 19, 2018 Chicory James
Jan 19, 2018 Bonnie D. The science has been clear for decades: humans ARE indeed causing the Earth to heat up, the glaciers are melting, we've already lost species to oceanic rise (i.e., Melomys) and low-lying island communities ARE being engulfed by water. ACT NOW!!
Jan 19, 2018 Marie Soules
Jan 19, 2018 Jason Green
Jan 19, 2018 Buford Staton
Jan 19, 2018 Buchannan Jackson
Jan 19, 2018 H.C. Norris
Jan 19, 2018 G.T. Taylor
Jan 19, 2018 Gary Hill
Jan 19, 2018 Karin Cohen
Jan 19, 2018 Viviane Guerchon We are not keeping our planet healthy for future generations. We are destroying it... please understand that climate change is a REAL threat to all creatures living on this planet.
Jan 19, 2018 Susan Whitsell
Jan 19, 2018 Joyce LaVelle
Jan 19, 2018 Philip Douglas
Jan 19, 2018 Pat Chandler We are keepers of our panet.
Jan 19, 2018 Dina Kovarik Not only is climate change real, but it is accelerating much more quickly than previously thought. We will suffer, our children will suffer, and I weep to think of the future we are leaving our grandchildren.
Jan 19, 2018 harriet shamblin
Jan 19, 2018 Penny Charlesworth
Jan 19, 2018 Barbara Beal
Jan 19, 2018 Sonja Sebald
Jan 19, 2018 brad horner
Jan 19, 2018 ayesha vavrek
Jan 19, 2018 Erik Bjarnar
Jan 19, 2018 Belinda Creech
Jan 19, 2018 Caroline Baker how do we convince that jack*** Trump he needs to change the direction of the US to do our part in saving this world?
Jan 19, 2018 Johnny Pflugrad
Jan 19, 2018 Barbara Hrybinczak

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