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Goal: 25,000 Progress: 14,948
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When handled humanely, aquariums can offer a glimpse into teeming marine ecosystems we may never otherwise be able to see.

Unfortunately humane handling of sea animals for aquariums isn't always the case, as in Hawaii, where ocean wildlife collectors ignore the well being of coral reef fish and remove them from their natural habitats.

The fish are taken swiftly out of the water without regard to pressure changes or the stress it might cause. And poor water quality results when large amounts of fish are put into cramped holding tanks. Many of the fish die before they reach the destination.

Hawaii doesn't have any laws to protect wildlife that thrives on coral — even if thousands of fish die in a collector's care, there's nothing anyone can do.

Urge Hawaii to draft strong legislation against the collection of reef wildlife and the decimation of the coral reef ecosystem.

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Dear Governor Neil Abercrombie:

The state of Hawaii needs to strengthen its ocean wildlife protection laws.

As it stands, there are no regulations in place that monitor how many fish are being extracted from their environments and how these animals are being treated.

It means that collectors can use any method they wish to remove as many animals as they want from coral reef ecosystems. They often capture hundreds of fish in a net from deep below the surface and bring them up without regard to the pressure change. As a result the fish can suffer the bends, just as a human would without proper equalization techniques. The fish can also die of shock to their systems as well as contaminated water as a result of cramped tanks.

These fish are also vital components of their natural habitats, so the whole reef suffers if its living organisms are removed in large quantities.

Please address this problem by creating legislation that would regulate the collection of reef animals as well as require proper, humane methods in caring for these creatures.

The future of Hawaii's precious coral reefs depends on it.

Thank you.

Petition Signatures

Aug 23, 2014 Susan Madden
Aug 22, 2014 Anna Warren
Aug 22, 2014 Wendy Howard
Aug 22, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Aug 22, 2014 Anne Elkins
Aug 22, 2014 Emilie Giroux
Aug 22, 2014 Kimmy Marshall
Aug 22, 2014 Shinobu Fukushima
Aug 22, 2014 Holly Kasten Collect coins u jerks
Aug 22, 2014 Valerie Anderson
Aug 22, 2014 Patrice Johnson
Aug 22, 2014 jean blake
Aug 22, 2014 Renae Pella
Aug 22, 2014 Pamela Miller
Aug 22, 2014 Leila Mojab
Aug 22, 2014 Bryna Schreier
Aug 22, 2014 Karen Scrivner
Aug 22, 2014 Glenda Cox
Aug 22, 2014 Johnny Thornton
Aug 22, 2014 sandra dulbecco
Aug 22, 2014 Lau Sanz
Aug 22, 2014 Alexander Massing
Aug 22, 2014 B. Szablowska
Aug 22, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Aug 22, 2014 marie brabant
Aug 22, 2014 Jo Collins
Aug 21, 2014 Carlo Corti
Aug 21, 2014 Jim Faulks
Aug 21, 2014 Tish Gates
Aug 21, 2014 Selah Albrightson
Aug 20, 2014 dipanwita dasgupta
Aug 20, 2014 jennifer mesheh
Aug 20, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Aug 20, 2014 rossana mianulli
Aug 20, 2014 Caroline Constantinou
Aug 18, 2014 Sandra casanova
Aug 18, 2014 Sveva Guidotti
Aug 18, 2014 Barbara Jordan
Aug 17, 2014 sylvia forster
Aug 17, 2014 Maria Albuquerque
Aug 17, 2014 LAURA ATIYEH
Aug 17, 2014 Teri Barribeau
Aug 16, 2014 Greatest Ever
Aug 16, 2014 (Name not displayed) Everything contributes to the ecosystem, please stop this destructive behavior!
Aug 16, 2014 (Name not displayed) There ARE folks who do raise many species in tanks, there is no reason to go out, seek, and using horrible means gather them to sell. Often resulting in death for others in the area, and those captured suffering early death. Loss of eggs/young too!
Aug 15, 2014 Madeleine Boyne
Aug 15, 2014 Brigetta Karnopp
Aug 15, 2014 Gordana Barisic
Aug 15, 2014 Kay Hall

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