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Goal: 30,000 Progress: 27,200
Sponsored by: Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund

The Wildlife Services agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture is currently being audited by the USDA Office of the Inspector General. But the killing continues.

Just last week, Wildlife Services sharpshooters killed 23 wolves from a helicopter in a remote area in Idaho.

The killing has to stop. Urge Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to impose a moratorium on Wildlife Services' killing of wolves and other top predators pending the outcome of the ongoing Inspector General's audit.

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Dear Secretary Vilsack,

I respectfully request that you initiate an immediate moratorium on the lethal control of wolves and other top predators by Wildlife Services while the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Office of the Inspector General performs an audit of Wildlife Services' damage control program.

The damage predator control program, which uses government funds, has demonstrated a serious need for greater oversight and investigation. For example, Wildlife Services, working at the request of the state of Idaho, just conducted a secretive aerial gunning operation by helicopter in the Lolo elk zone which killed 23 wolves. Furthermore, neither Wildlife Services nor the state of Idaho would admit to of this operation, which involved high-powered rifles, until after the killing had been conducted.

Wildlife Services' predator control program has recently been the subject of public scrutiny regarding unprofessional behavior, the deaths of non-target species including an endangered Mexican gray wolf and failure to implement viable and proven non-lethal management alternatives, suggesting that many of the program's practices are inefficient, ineffective, and scientifically unfounded.

Wildlife Services can provide assistance to livestock owners to prevent conflict with predators in the form of proactive and non-lethal wildlife management. USDA's National Wildlife Research Center (NWRC) has played an integral role in developing some of these techniques, which have been proven effective. Wildlife Services field agents should be using more of these nonlethal techniques that the NWRC has gone to such lengths to develop. This moratorium would provide an excellent opportunity for field agents to use these tools and help livestock owners learn how to reduce the vulnerability of the livestock, which is a much more sustainable strategy than lethal removal.

The pending audit of Wildlife Services damage control program is a critically important step in providing the necessary guidance and oversight Wildlife Services requires in order to apply an integrated approach to wildlife damage management. I strongly encourage you to initiate a moratorium on Wildlife Services' lethal control of wolves and other predators while USDA Office of the Inspector General completes its audit of Wildlife Services damage control programs.

Thank you for your consideration

Petition Signatures

Aug 21, 2014 Dan Faulkner
Aug 21, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Aug 21, 2014 Robert Snitgen
Aug 21, 2014 Jeanne Layport
Aug 21, 2014 Karen Nienkamp Please give these beautiful creatures a chance to live their lives as nature intended. Brutal killing of these magnificent animals isn't necessary and it is only a way for blood thirsty humans with guns to find a way to satisfy their need to kill.
Aug 21, 2014 Gail Robinson DISGUSTING
Aug 21, 2014 Pat LeBaron
Aug 21, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Aug 21, 2014 kate Jones
Aug 21, 2014 Pamela Jameson
Aug 21, 2014 Ginger Downey
Aug 21, 2014 jeanne zirkle
Aug 21, 2014 Heather Clough
Aug 21, 2014 james niceberg
Aug 21, 2014 Larry Drew
Aug 21, 2014 estefania i
Aug 21, 2014 Donna Brewer These animals are a part of the balance of nature and help keep deer and rabbit populations under control. Certainly there must be other means of protecting livestock.
Aug 21, 2014 kirsten kinnear
Aug 21, 2014 H M
Aug 21, 2014 Janna Ellsworth
Aug 21, 2014 Shauna Killen
Aug 21, 2014 Marta Garcia Fernandez
Aug 21, 2014 MC Boulart-Deschamps
Aug 21, 2014 Alice Cornwall
Aug 21, 2014 Brandon Baer
Aug 21, 2014 Jacqueline Geoffroy
Aug 21, 2014 Terry Helman
Aug 21, 2014 carolyn falcetano
Aug 21, 2014 Kim Novak
Aug 21, 2014 C Dalton
Aug 21, 2014 robert Mclemore
Aug 21, 2014 Melissa Pate
Aug 21, 2014 Dave Polony Please stop this practice of inhumane predator "management".
Aug 21, 2014 Samantha Cornell
Aug 21, 2014 Paula Shannon
Aug 21, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Aug 21, 2014 Barbra Premo What is the matter with the US govt? More than I can say here, but this is assine to kill these animals for NO reason. What is wrong the govt to constantly kill everything that IT beleives is a problem. Govt is the problem
Aug 21, 2014 Carrie Tovey Killing these majestic animals will only upset the natural eco system. They should be left alone for nature to take it's own course.
Aug 21, 2014 Kim Hensley STOP the killing!
Aug 21, 2014 runee spahr wow. the whole concept of science completely eludes these sons of bitches. They continue this crap for sport because they get away with it. Why is this idiot Vilsack not able to get anything done. "wildlife services". another name for 'losers"
Aug 21, 2014 Marie Ciaffa
Aug 21, 2014 Gabrielle Suh
Aug 21, 2014 Guita McIlroy This has been going on for a very long time. It needs to stop! It is cruel and senseless. They are a part of out Eco system and they are needed! Please impose a moratoreum asap!
Aug 21, 2014 alan lane
Aug 21, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Aug 21, 2014 Suzanne Schulman This is ridiculous! Why bother even introducing wolves back into this area? US Government spent 10s of millions protecting wolves only to have them inhumanely shot from the air? Assinine!
Aug 21, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Aug 21, 2014 Roberta Cwiertnia
Aug 21, 2014 Judy Kovi

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