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Mexican gray wolves are the most endangered gray wolves in the world and unless more of them are released into the wild, they are doomed to go extinct.

At the end of 2015 there were an estimated 97 Mexican gray wolves remaining in the wild. And just this week, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) confirmed that 14 Mexican gray wolf deaths were documented last year, marking the most in any single year since the federal government began reintroducing the predators in New Mexico and Arizona in 1998.

Please take action today. It's critical that we make it clear to the Trump administration that we're not backing down from Mexican gray wolf recovery!

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Dear Secretary of the Interior,

As someone who cares deeply about wildlife, I am a concerned that the lobo, once a conservation success story, is again headed toward extinction in the wild, and I urge you to take action to improve the lobos' chance to survive and recover.

More releases are critical for the survival and recovery of the endangered Mexican gray wolf, and they require a long lead time. Wolves may have to move between facilities to meet their mates, and the receiving facilities may have to create new spaces for them and their pups.

As you may know, the 2015 end of year count in the U.S. found only 97 wild Mexican gray wolves, a decrease of 12% the previous year. Additionally, FWS just confirmed that 14 Mexican gray wolf deaths were documented last year, marking the most in any single year since the federal government began reintroducing the predators in New Mexico and Arizona in 1998.

The genetic situation of this population is even more dire than the numbers suggest. All of the Mexican wolves alive today are descended from just seven founders of a captive breeding program, and years of delaying needed releases of wolves from captivity have caused a genetic crisis — the wild lobos have lost much of the genetic diversity of those seven founding wolves. This genetic loss is causing the wolves to have smaller litters and lowering pup survival. Eventually, if not corrected, it will lead to extinction.

The captive wolves still have genes that are not represented in the wild wolves, so releases of pairs and their pups from captivity will improve the genetic health of the wild population. But last year's wolf releases were curtailed when the state of New Mexico went to court to block the releases. The Service needs to redouble its efforts and be ready this spring to release substantial numbers of wolves.

Thank you for your consideration,

Petition Signatures

Sep 22, 2017 KP Power
Sep 22, 2017 Vanessa Javk
Sep 22, 2017 Bożena Staniszewska
Sep 22, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Sep 22, 2017 S. Urton With all the studies being conducted today, why can't their be a study on how to live with these animals, rather than destroying them?
Sep 22, 2017 dr. s moeller Is there anyone in this administration who is man or woman enough to stand up against the cattle rancher lobby?
Sep 22, 2017 Lauren Kessle
Sep 22, 2017 Cristina RODRIGUEZ
Sep 21, 2017 Maria Santiago
Sep 20, 2017 Cathy Strum
Sep 19, 2017 Henri Delavigne We can never have enough of Nature. - Henry David Thoreau
Sep 18, 2017 Karen Moore
Sep 18, 2017 David Marshall I am in Canada, but that does not matter. Animals roamed all over North America before borders were drawn, and they should continue to do so. It is one of the continents Greatest Legacys.
Sep 18, 2017 David Frank
Sep 18, 2017 Tammy Goen
Sep 18, 2017 Melinda Matheus
Sep 17, 2017 Ann Watson
Sep 17, 2017 Charlene Marshall
Sep 16, 2017 Lola Schiefelbein
Sep 15, 2017 Lin Westler
Sep 15, 2017 Elena Damien
Sep 14, 2017 Martha Eberle
Sep 13, 2017 Denise Griffin
Sep 13, 2017 Cathy Axford
Sep 12, 2017 YU GIE LIM
Sep 11, 2017 paula v
Sep 11, 2017 Liliana Elliot
Sep 11, 2017 ELLEN ALLEN
Sep 11, 2017 Lisa Li
Sep 10, 2017 Cinzia Moore
Sep 10, 2017 Jill Osment
Sep 10, 2017 Michael Wood
Sep 9, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Sep 8, 2017 Helena Winston
Sep 8, 2017 Manuel Davila Rodriguez
Sep 7, 2017 Jacqueline Deuel-Sagaert
Sep 7, 2017 Eileen Duppstadt
Sep 7, 2017 Jeff Wilson
Sep 7, 2017 Sarah Everman
Sep 6, 2017 Carol Sherwell
Sep 6, 2017 Maria Cecilia Manso Silva
Sep 6, 2017 Frances Garabedian
Sep 6, 2017 silke kleinhenz
Sep 6, 2017 Rosa Tarantino
Sep 6, 2017 Juergen Teuschl
Sep 6, 2017 Jana Repova
Sep 5, 2017 Joan Alioto
Sep 5, 2017 Evelyn McCurry
Sep 5, 2017 Nadia Cambours
Sep 5, 2017 Michele Frost Please don't let these beautiful creatures disappear from the Earth forever.

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